Naturopathic Medicine

What Is A Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine brings together modern science with traditional forms of medicine. It has been practiced for over 125 years in North America. Naturopathic Doctors undergo a four year post-undergraduate professional training where they learn:

  • botanical medicine

  • clinical nutrition

  • orthomolecular medicine (nutritional supplements: vitamins/minerals)

  • homeopathy

  • acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory

  • lifestyle counselling, health promotion and disease prevention

  • physical medicine.

Naturopathic Doctors are complimentary healthcare providers. The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine is the only school in Canada which provides a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program with more than 3,000 hours of classroom training and 1,200 hours of clinical experience.

Naturopathic Medicine is truly holistic and aims to treat the whole person. Naturopathic Doctor’s can you help with many different areas including, but not limited to:

  • digestive disturbance (ex. IBS, Chron’s, indigestion)

  • inflammation and pain

  • heart disease

  • diabetes

  • immune support

  • weight-management

  • difficulty with sleep

  • women’s focused health (ex. menopause, PCOS)

  • mental health (anxiety/depression, ADHD, grief)

  • LGBTQ focused health and sensitive support

  • pediatric and well-child checks



The guiding principles of Naturopathic Medicine are:

  1. Do no harm. (choose most non-invasive and least toxic treatments necessary)

  2. Healing power of nature. (under the right causes and conditions the body should be supported in its inherent capacity to heal itself)

  3. Identify and treat root cause of disease.

  4. Doctor as teacher. (health promotion and education empowers patients)

  5. Treat the whole person. (treat the patient, not the disease and address all components of health including: physical, mental, emotional, environmental, genetic and social factors)

  6. Prevention of disease.

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