Thomas Williams M.Ost

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Professional Membership in good standing:

  • Nova Scotia Association of Osteopaths


Thomas is a graduate from Swansea University with a 1st Class Honours in Osteopathy. He has treated a wide range of patients suffering from musculoskeletal/sporting injuries to chronic pain. Thomas has a particular interest in how osteopathy can be utilized to improve overall health and not just aiding any pains/aches. He takes a holistic approach when working with a patient, incorporating any lifestyle factors that may be contributing to a patient’s complaint such as behavioural and habitual patterns. 

Thomas wants to continue his development as an osteopath in two main areas; furthering his understanding of the psychological aspects of patient management, plus undergoing courses in clinical nutrition to help individuals with chronic digestive conditions such as Chron’s disease. 

Outside of osteopathy he has a passion for outdoor activities, predominately fishing, which partly

attracted him to move over to Canada. He additionally has a history of martial arts, specifically

kickboxing and Brazilian jujitsu alongside strength and fitness training.