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Our Logo:

Weaving intricately combines numerous elements into a coherent whole. In our logo, weaving wave elements evoke tissue fibers moving from weakness to strength. The fluidity of the waves represents motion towards a healthier being and the overlapping waves suggests osteopathy combining with other modalities to provide the best treatment for our patients as we help them move towards whole health


Our Vision: 


A mobile, healthy community

Our Mission:

Exceptional treatment through a collaborative model of care. 


Our Core Values:

  • Collaboration: HOHC has a strong osteopathic base, however we believe collaborating with an exceptional team of healthcare professionals is the optimal way to support your move to whole health or health, wellness and mobility.  

  • Bridging a Gap: Bringing Family Medicine and Private Healthcare Practitioners together in one location to better mange your health care needs.

  • Education: Develop educational opportunities for patient-centered workshops.

  • Accessibility: Providing a clinic space that is easy to access by patients with temporary or permanent mobility issues.

  • Environment: Design a interior space with natural material and a high grade ventilation and filtration system to provide a therapeutic and clean environment for both patient and staff

  • Team approach: We recognize that working together as a team of healthcare practitioners and patient-experience administrators’ enhances/contributes to the overall therapeutic experience of our patrons.    


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