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Judith Forget

Registered Massage Therapist

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Professional Membership: Massage Therapists Association of Nova Scotia

Judith Forget is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) who graduated with honours from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy of Halifax in 2007.


As an RMT, she believes in working with other health professionals to support clients’ pain management, health & well-being.


Over the years, Judith has developed her own approach. She is client-focused and is comfortable providing massage therapy to people dealing with a wide range of ailments, whether being injuries related to sport or accidents, post-operative care, pain management of chronic conditions, or simply for well-being.


Commonly used techniques include traditional Swedish massage, myofascial release, joint mobilization, manual lymphatic drainage, muscle energy technique, kinesio taping, deep tissue massage.


Judith believes the client plays a huge role in the treatment. Educating clients on postural & breathing awareness and remedial exercises such as stretching or strengthening is important to her to maximize treatment.


Judith speaks French and English.

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