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Dr. Peter Ferguson



Professional Membership in good standing: • Nova Scotia Podiatry Association • Royal College of Podiatrists, UK

Peter Ferguson is a podiatrist having been in clinical practice for over 30 years. In partnership with his spouse and fellow podiatrist, Kathryn Ferguson, they developed a large and thriving, multi-discipline health care team in Peterborough, Ontario. Given the unique qualities and skills of the team, a full scope of podiatric services were provided, so that patients/clients could receive the required care for all their foot and gait (walking/running) needs.

Peter specializes in identifying complex gait problems and developing unique and workable solutions to these problems. It is not unusual for patients having undiagnosed pain and dysfunction for many years, to achieve resolution of these problems, allowing patients to resume a full and active live.

Peter utilizes a wide range of protocols including diagnostic tools/imaging, gait analysis software while utilizing treatment protocols including various manual therapies, exercise management, custom prescribed foot orthotics, gentle debridement of corns/callouses and much more.

In addition, Peter can provide permanent resolution of painful and highly problematic, ingrown toenails performed under local anesthesia. Diabetic foot care is an extremely important aspect in the management of diabetes. With the skill and experience working with diabetic populations, Peter can provide sound advice and treatment options to assist in avoiding foot health complications often associated with diabetes.

Peter has acted as a clinical coordinator for the Ontario based chiropody (foot) program, while also currently serving as vice-president of the College of Chiropodists of Ontario, chairing numerous committees, and working directly with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, to achieve improved access and services to quality footcare.

Peter is very excited about joining the HOHC team and providing foot care excellence to Nova Scotians.

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