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Hannah Ferguson
M.OMSc, BSc.

Manual Osteopath


Hannah is a graduate from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and the University of Guelph's Human Kinetics program. She has been learning manual therapy since the completion of her university degree in 2015 where she developed an interest in anatomy, biomechanics, injury rehabilitation, as well as clinical research. After graduation Hannah worked closely with biomechanical injuries related to the foot and leg using manual therapy and after finding out about the profession of Osteopathy, she entered the vigorous 4-year program at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. Throughout her studies, she continued her work helping patients struggling with chronic and acute pain in the lower limbs until 2018 when she was able to start treating the entire body as a Manual Therapist.  Now, with the completion of her Master in Practice diploma of Osteopathic Manual Sciences in March 2020, Hannah has graduated as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and is excited to show what this treatment approach can do for you!

Hannah is committed to educating her community and furthering the scientific understanding of Osteopathy by participating in clinical research. Hannah has been published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association and continues to participate in research as part of a small team dedicated to furthering scientific support for Osteopathic treatment.


"Osteopathic Manual Treatment for Pain Severity, Functional Improvement, and Return to Work in Patients with Chronic Pain" A Systematic Review.


"Dropout associated with osteopathic manual treatment for chronic non-cancerous pain in randomized controlled trials"

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