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Cryosurgery - An Effective Treatment for Plantar Warts

Halifax Osteopathic Health Centre is pleased to now offer a more effective treatment for plantar warts and other types of skin lesions.

Using the new cryosurgical equipment, liquid nitrogen, the coldest cryosurgical available to the skin, freezes lesions including warts more quickly, completely, and effectively than other freezing agents.

Using this specialized technique, the liquid nitrogen can easily be applied with a high degree of control and accuracy to lesions of different sizes and types, helping to produce superior results to many other techniques available for the treatment of plantar warts.

Studies suggest that up to 92% of the warts are cleared completely after a course of cryosurgery using this technique.

This treatment is available to both patients of Dr. Turner as well as part of the podiatry services provided by Peter Ferguson and Kathryn Ferguson.

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