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Do you suffer from chronic stress?

Has the Covid pandemic caused you concern?

The stress system in our bodies use several hormones (example adrenaline and cortisol). The “Adrenaline rush” works in the short term, (running away from danger) and can be lifesaving. However, “Cortisol” is released over the long term during chronic stress and can lead to health concerns.

High cortisol levels can suppress the immune system. Some signs of High Cortisol Levels: Fatigue, Mid-section weight gain, Bruising easily, Swelling in the legs, Mood swings, Irregular periods, Mental fogginess, Muscle weakness.

Many of our body functions are controlled by our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The sympathetic division of the ANS is associated with the “fight or flight response” (adrenaline/ cortisol release). The parasympathetic division is associated with the “rest and digest” response and brings the body to a calmer state. Health and healing is easier to achieve when there is a balance within the autonomic nervous system.

Research has indicated that osteopathic manual treatment techniques have the potential to bring balance back to the ANS. In the case of chronic stress, the aim of treatment is to decrease the overactive sympathetic response and promote a meditative state to stimulate parasympathetic rest, digest, and healing responses. Be proactive and help your body regain its balance. Add manual osteopathy to your health care team.

Regain function and return to living life to its fullest. Discover all the possibilities & benefits of osteopathic manual therapy! Enjoy the experience of this gentle and deeply relaxing form of treatment! Ask about our stress reducing manual osteopathic style of treatment today.

By Wendy Jardine

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